The Power Of Hotel Branding – Brand Equity

The consumer’s awareness and associations lead to perceived quality, inferred attributes, and eventually brand loyalty. This perspective is labelled as customer-based brand equity. A strong brand provides a series of benefits to a service firm, such as greater customer loyalty and higher resiliency to endure crisis situations, higher profit margins, more favourable customer response to […]

Branding – Building a Brand Through Strong Marketing

“A great brand raises the bar — it adds a greater sense of purpose to the experience, whether it’s the challenge to do your best in sports and fitness, or the affirmation that the cup of coffee you’re drinking really matters.” Howard Schultz President, CEO and Chairman Starbucks What Is Branding and why is it […]

What is an Employer Brand and Why Should You Care?

There is an increasing body of evidence that makes the case for solid employer brand management. From an organization’s point of view, an employer brand encapsulates the key qualities current and prospective employees associate with you as an employer. These qualities can be economic (remuneration), functional (training and skills) or psychological (such as a sense […]

Form a Nevada L.L.C.: Everything You Need to Know

It is known as among the most popular State for chartering of business. Nevada is the best place to start your company due to the following reasons: It has no personal income taxes No information-sharing agreement with the I.R.S. and lastly no franchise fee. Furthermore, Nevada allows people to register Nevada LLCcompanywhich combines the liability […]