Salesforce is one of the largest CRM platforms in the world. It helps businesses target different audiences, manage customer data, and maintain relationships. However, due to its numerous features and continuous updates, it can be difficult for some people to understand and utilize this system fully. That’s why Salesforce training is important.

There are many Salesforce courses on the internet, which makes it difficult to select the best. To save you time, we have enlisted the top Salesforce training resourcesbbelow.

Best Salesforce Training Resources


Udemy offers more than 70 Salesforce training courses. Each course varies based on its content, duration, and cost. It has courses for people of all levels of expertise. Many courses are taught by Salesforce certified trainers.

Udemy courses might have a high cost, but they also come with discounts at different points during the year. So, keep your eyes open for such discounts…

Salesforce YouTube

The Salesforce YouTube is a quick and free Salesforce training resource. Salesforce YouTube is the official Salesforce channel where their team uploads different training videos regularly. You can watch feature updates, tutorial guidelines, interviews, and live webinars through this channel. It has short-form videos, which means you can find guides quickly, and learn new things every day.

Salesforce Trailhead Academy

Salesforce Trailhead has a series of tutorials designed to help people learn about Salesforce. There are more than 800 individual learning modules that cover numerous features and uses of Salesforce. Similarly, it offers 200 plus trials, and each has a set of different modules. The Trailhead Academy also offers 50 plus in-person and virtual classes. The duration of each Trailhead course varies from a few hours to many days.

Cloud Pacific

If you are looking for Salesforce training in Hawaii, Cloud Pacific are the best provider to go with.

Cloud Pacific is a Hawaii based Salesforce consulting and training company. It aims to help companies expand their business, by helping their clients target new audiences and manage their existing customer data.

They offer four Salesforce training courses that differ based on their content, course duration, and prerequisites. These courses include Salesforce Implementation Strategy, Lightning Web Components, Apex for Salesforce Admins and Pardot Administrator Training.

Salesforce Training Courses Types

Salesforce training courses exist in different forms based on their method of teaching.

Instructor-led courses

Instructor-led courses are suitable for people who want to learn directly from experts. It gives you a chance to ask questions after the lesson to remove ambiguities, if you have any. However, these courses are comparatively expensive.

Self-paced courses

If you have a growing Salesforce team, then it might be difficult for all team members to get training at the same time. Such teams find self-paced courses, which do not have any time restriction, more convenient.

Supplemental resources

Supplement resources provide the opportunity to learn only the required Salesforce features without having to go through the complete course. You can also bookmark the documents and resources for quick reference.

In-app guided courses

In-app guided courses are suitable for people who like learning by doing. In it, you get a chance to learn and practice side-by-side.

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