Do you remember that one teacher or coach that really made a difference in your life? Was there someone who really cared and inspired you to achieve more than you thought you could? What does it take for a teacher to make a profound difference in the life of a child?

Whether you teach piano, coach a Little League team, or instruct a classroom of fourth graders in a public school, you can use the Laws of Attraction to inspire each student to achieve their goals. If you do not know what the Laws of Attraction are, you need to read some of the many books on the subject–it will change your life! To put it simply, the Laws of Attraction state that your thoughts will attract and bring to your life the things that you focus on the most. Therefore, to get the laws of attraction to help you become an amazing teacher who brings the best out of each student, you must be very focused about the goals you have for each student and for yourself. An effective way to do this is to keep a goal and appreciation journal for your students. Write down the following information on each individual:

What general qualities do you really appreciate about the student?

What goals do you have for this student?

What goals does the student have for himself or herself? If you do not know, you need to communicate and understand what the student wants to achieve with his lessons.

It is important to include in your journal your thoughts about your own teaching skills and goals. What skills do you have that help your students the most? What would you love to achieve in the future with your teaching job?

Remember, according the Laws of Attraction, you will achieve everything you want if you continue to pay positive attention to that goal and truly believe that it will happen.

Now, to start the Laws of Attraction in motion for you and your students, review your goal/appreciation journal for each student every day. Put all your focus on the positive! Paying constant attention to what a student is lacking in skills will cause the Laws of Attraction to work against your teaching goals for that student and negate any progress you are making! As you review your journal and focus on each student, mentally wish them success in their learning adventures.

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