Having an Instagram presence is essential for businesses and brands in today’s digital age. Through visual content, Instagram offers brands incredible opportunities to connect with their target audience and promote their products. Brands seek ways to increase follower counts and engagement rates fast on Instagram as competition intensifies. While growing an organic following takes time, many brands are now opting to invest in bought Instagram followers from services like Famoid to give their profile a credibility boost and jumpstart their Instagram marketing strategy.

Credibility factor

Buying Instagram followers is a great way for big brands to instantly increase their credibility and authority. A brand’s follower count influences people’s perception of it in the high-noise Instagram landscape. Profiles with more followers appear more popular and established than those with fewer followers. For emerging brands that are just starting on Instagram, a low follower count inadvertently makes their profile seem amateurish or insignificant. But a higher follower number immediately grabs attention and lends an air of credibility. People are naturally more inclined to follow companies with a sizeable following rather than be the first few followers of a new profile.

Big brands are aware of this psychological trigger. When they buy tens of thousands or even millions of followers from services like Famoid, they instantly increase their follower count and showcase high numbers on their profile. A high follower count can influence viewer perception and make a brand seem authoritative even when other metrics like engagement are low. This strategy is especially effective when brands buy Instagram followers in their initial growth phase on the platform. Having an established high follower count from the get-go helps them stand out right out of the gate and build influence in their niche. Instead of waiting months or years to organically grow a following, Instagram Followers from Famoid deliver instant results.

Driving real follower growth

While bought followers act as a catalyst, brands need a larger real audience base to achieve Instagram marketing success. Here too, bought followers play a key role by fueling real follower growth using the credibility and discoverability benefits discussed earlier. When brands buy followers, their profile metrics instantly look impressive at first glance. But real users engaging with their content soon recognize if the high follower count is authentic or not based on low engagement rates. Therefore, brands buying followers should ensure they have high-quality followers and a good follower-to-engagement ratio. High-quality followers from providers like Famoid guarantee genuine-looking distribution across countries and authentic engagement. It maintains credibility even under scrutiny and prevents bought followers from seeming bot-like. As real users discover the brand’s content and are impressed by the established follower base, they are motivated to follow and engage more actively.

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