It is known as among the most popular State for chartering of business. Nevada is the best place to start your company due to the following reasons:

  • It has no personal income taxes
  • No information-sharing agreement with the I.R.S. and lastly no franchise fee.

Furthermore, Nevada allows people to register Nevada LLCcompanywhich combines the liability provisions of any corporation with the less intensive reporting demands. This is the best way to protect you against double taxation, which is related to a partnership.

To Create A Nevada L.L.C., You Require To Fill Some Documents With The Nevada Secretary Of State.

To begin with, you need an appropriate name for your business. It’s mandatory that your name should have “Limited-Liability Company,” “Limited” or: Limited Company “. You are also required to used abbreviations such as “Ltd,” “L.L.C.,” L.C.,” or even “L.L.C.”. You can also use the word company as “Co”.

Ensure Your Name Is Available

You should choose a name when register Nevada LLCthat is entirely different from any other business in Nevada. To confirm if your name is available for use, you can check with the Secretary of the State Online Database. Once you have identified a name you can use, you can then file the Name Reservation Form which you will find with the Secretary of State. Depending on which method you find efficient, you can choose to do this via mail or the Nevada Secretary of State’s website. You should also be prepared to pay a fee of $25 for a 90 days reservation.

Establishing A Registered Agent

When starting this kind of business, you should ensure that your registered agent is either a resident of the State of Nevada or a company authorized to do business in this State. The main role of the registered agent is to accept service of legal papers. If your L.L.C. is sued, he or she is also required to have a physical street address in Nevada. Several companies are professional agents for service. You can go ahead a Google “Agents of Service in Nevada” and explore the many options you have to choose. Finding a reputable company that demands $50 per year should be a piece of cake.

The filing of Article of Organization with the Secretary of State’s office is also mandatory to register Nevada LLC. Luckily, Nevada provides a PDF form that helps yours through all the required information. For instance, the full name of your L.L.C., the actual business address, and the name of the registered agent. It a must that the registered agent must sign the document providing a physical address. Don’t forget to indicate if the L.L.C. is governed by member or managers and any possible dissolution date if you have one.

If you have managers, you should include their names and addresses of every manager, the necessary licenses and business permits, social security number or employer I.D. number not forgetting the name and signatures of anyone who has organized the L.L.C. Feel free to file online at the Secretary of State’s website or sending the documents via mail. It’s going to cost you $ 75 to complete the whole process.

When you have completed the Articles of Organization, the Initial list of managers and the members Forms not forgetting the business license which should be filed with the Secretary of State. Consider the filling fees associated with these forms. You should also check with the Secretary of State to ensure you are up to date with the Fees.

The expedited process is available at different fees, depending on which one you choose. For instance, you can go for the 24 hours, one hour or even two hours.

Write An Operating Agreement

You don’t need to have an operating agreement to register Nevada LLC. in Nevada. However, this process is highly encouraged. With a running agreement people will be able to identify the roles and responsibilities and powers of all individuals within your L.L.C. It’s a document that clarifies your duties within your L.L.C.

Know Your Tax Requirements

If you are going to have more than one employee, you will have to consider getting an E.I.N. (Employer Identification Number). You can get one from the I.R.S., but if you are a sole proprietor, you can choose to use your Social Security Number. However, if you want your L.L.C. to tax as a corporation, you will require an E.I.N., You can get this by going to the I.R.S. website and applying. This should be a piece of cake since there is no fee when getting an E.I.N. for your L.L.C.

Getting Your State Business License

It is essential that every L.L.C. in Nevada to get a business license, you will find it from the Secretary of State. The fee for the permit is $200, which should be renewed every year for $ 200. You should also check with your county clerk’s office to confirm if you need any additional licenses or permits to do business in your county. The whole process can be done on the web via the Nevada secretary of State’s website or a mail application.

File An Annual Report

Since you are going to start and L.L.C. in Nevada, you will have to file an annual report. This consists of a list of members, officers, and registered agent in your L.L.C.; you should also update it in case of any changes. The first annual report or annual list is due in the first month; this should be after you file your articles of organization. You have all until the last day of the month to submit the fee of $150.

Any L.L.C. in Nevada must also maintain internal books and records which are open to inspection by the Secretary of State; this should include the operating agreement.

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