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Financial advisor in terms of career choice:

Many people wonder if being a financial consultant will going to excel their future or not. Before you pursue your career as being a financial consultant [konsultan keuangan, which is the term in Indonesian] you need to ask some questions to yourself. Are you good with subjects like mathematics, finance, and accounting? Can you influence someone and make sales? Are you able to accept upcoming challenges? After graduating from the university you need to work as an intern. It will help you in gaining experience. For people choosing financial advisor as the career path, they need to build relationships. Without building good relationships with your clients you will not be able to grow. You can either work as an independent financial advisor or be a captive. Captive financial advisors are the ones who works for someone. On the other hand independent are the ones who works freely according to their schedule. Being a captive financial advisor will ensure you monthly salary with fixed commission as well. Independent financial advisor do not earn monthly salary and only earn on commission basis only.

What does a financial advisor offers to do?

The core responsibility of a financial advisor is to help their clients in investment and saving decisions. On the other hand a financial advisor also sells several products for which they are being asked to. They need to acquire license before they can sell it. These products and offering help them to create healthy relationships with their clients. They are involve in trading of bonds for which they need to acquire series 7 license. Similarly if you are involved in trading of mutual funds you need to get series 6 license.

Final words on becoming a financial advisor:

For people who want to become a financial advisor need to work hard. Financial advisor is a great field where you can grow yourselves. This is a field where you can truly work and furnish your abilities on every passing day.


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